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5-Axis Laser Cutting System

The  TLM Series of 5 (axis) laser cutting systems simplifies the processing of 3-dimensional workpieces to perform any number of cutting tasks. The laser cutting systems offer the ultimate in accuracy and flexibility for users across a wide range of complex laser applications.

The TLM Series is comprised of models with work envelopes ranging in size from 51″ x 51″ to 110″ x 169″ with up to 787″/min speed feed rate.


The Advantages of Laser Cutting Technology.


  •  Superior cutting speed over conventional methods
  •  High degree of accuracy and repeatability with minimized variances
  •  Lower cutting cost per inch
  •  No residues or bevels left on the finished product
  •  The finished products already conditioned for secondary coating processes such as plating and/or painting
  •  No additional preparation costs required
  • The laser cutting technology can be used to cut wide range of materials like wood, ceramics, plastic, rubber and certain metals.
  • Laser cutting is amazingly versatile technology and can be used to cut or burn simple to more complex structures in one piece.
  • Laser cutting process is easily controlled by computer programs, which makes it very precise while saving considerable amount of work.
  • Laser cutting machine has high level of efficiency and required design replicas are exact copies of each other.